“Baby Sue” by Ruth McMillin

“Baby Sue” by Ruth McMillin

Here is another poetic treasure I’m sharing by our Granny’s oldest sister, Ruth. Check out her other poems here: “Breaking Day” and “Family Reunion”.

“Baby Sue*”

by Ruth McMillin

Baby Sue at the age of one
A life of her own had begun.
Baby Sue at the age of two
Had long blonde curls and eyes of blue.

When Baby Sue was three years old
She was a beauty, she was told.
When Baby Sue reached age four
She had playmates and friends galore.


When at five, she to kindergarten did go
Everyone there did love her so.
No longer a baby, Sue at ten
Life in earnest did begin.
To live by the golden rule
And be on the honor roll at school.

A lady was she at fifteen
And a lovelier one could not be seen.
by the time Sue was twenty
She had suitors and dates aplenty.
But only one did she choose.
And the wedding made great news.

Jack was the one she chose to marry
Leaving Tom, Dick and Harry.
A new life now she must begin
A home of her own and maybe then

A tiny Baby Sue
With eyes of blue
And a brand new life
For Mother Sue.

*Source: Pisgah Baptist Church, Our Cherished Recipes 1991

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