Moses Proctor Willis and Hester Ann Lowe – On This Date in 1817

Hester Ann Lowe Willis and daughter Laura Rebecca Willis**

Hester Ann Lowe Willis and daughter Laura Rebecca Willis**

On this date the 13th of November in 1817, our maternal fourth great grandparents Moses Proctor Willis and Hester Ann Lowe were married in Columbia, Georgia.

Moses Proctor Willis was born in Georgia around 1800 to parents (still researching) James Willis Jr. (1777-1816) and Jane George Willis (1775-?).   Moses passed away on February 6, 1865 in Pike County, Alabama.

Hester Ann Lowe was born in 1799 in Richmond, Georgia to parents (still researching) Issac Lowe, Jr (1746-1807) and Elizabeth E. Walker (1768-1824).*  Hester passed away around 1891 in Indian Creek, Bullock County, Alabama.

Moses and Hester had 9 children including our great-great-great grandmother Edna Eubanks. The family moved from Georgia to Alabama sometime between the birth of Richard and Rowan.

1- Edna Malvina Willis.* Born in 1821 in Muscogee, Georgia and died in 1882. Married to Thomas Eubanks and had 9 children.

2- John Collier Willis.** Born on October 23, 1824 in Georgia and died on August 17, 1888 in Midway, Alabama. Married to Isabella G. Willis, children unknown.

3- George T Willis.* Born on March 28, 1828 in Columbia, Georgia and died on March 12, 1906 in Crystal River, Citrus, Florida. Married to Sarah J. Johns and had 3 children. Second marriage to Mattie B. Frierson.

4- James I Willis.* Born in 1829 and married to Amanda. Death and children unknown.

5- Richard T Willis.* Born on February 22, 1832 in Talbot County, Georgia and died in 1906 in Florida. Married to Lenoria Frances Allen and had 8 children.

6- Mary F Willis.* Born in 1834 in Georgia, death unknown. Married to Robert E Eubanks and had 7 children .

7-  Sarah M Willis.* Born around 1838, death unknown. Married to Zacheus Allen, children unknown.

8- Laura Rebecca Willis.** Born on January 1, 1840 in Alabama and died on March 4, 1922 in Bullock County, Alabama. Married to Thomas Moses Johns and one known child.

9- Rowan A Willis.* Born in 1842 in Alabama, death unknown. Married to James R. Lawhorn and children unknown.


Here is how we are related:

Our parents –Nelda G. LaPrarie was married to Floyd D. Adams

Nelda G.’s parents – ^Lucy D. Wright was married to John A. LaPrarie

Lucy D.’s parents – ^^John E. Wright was married to Gracie C. Pierce

John E.’s parents – ^^^Martha F. Eubanks was married to George W. Wright

Martha’s parents – ^^^^Edna M. Willis was married to Thomas M. Eubanks

Edna’s parents – ^^^^^Moses P. Willis was married to Hester A. Lowe

(^) stands for each


between our

parents and

Moses & Hester.

*Source: Family (PamelaBunce51)

**Source: Find A Grave

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